A downloadable game for Windows


You have encountered an endless source of hostile shooting thingies.
You can destroy their source, but can you escape an endless time loop?
(spoiler: you cannot)

Mouse movement -> player movement
Left Mouse Button -> laser
Right Mouse Button -> shield
Nothing -> shoot regular bullets

Some explanation about GUI and other stuff:
On the left there are two vertical bars.
The white one is laser charge.
The grey-blue one is shield charge.
One laser shot takes 1/3 of full charge
(black marker shows charge amount for firing 1 shot)

You goal is to destroy the root block that is spawning other blocks.
But it is connected to other blocks.
When there are a lot of blue blocks, the root block becomes invulnerable.

Background generated in Tekx (http://kolenka.su/blog/procedural_generation/tekx-graficheskij-generator.html russian text, but nice pictures) by awesome HD408 (http://ludumdare.com/compo/author/hd408/)
Sounds generated in bfxr
Programmer art in GIMP
Made with LÖVE

Source code may be executed with LÖVE https://www.love2d.org/


LD34_PotatoGrader_32bit.zip 3 MB
LD34_PotatoGrader_64bit.zip 3 MB

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